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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Jun 1, 2020

Bill & George on this episode discuss the VW ad that VW apologized about. What happened in the month of May for VW. What shows are up coming & 3 things things that make George crazy about some cars. We talk stereo systems.

May 22, 2020

Steve Hole with help from family & Will of course! has been involved in the VW show scene for over 30 years on the west coast with their family started VW show series with Bugorama. They soon were the premire VW show circuit for a decade or more. With shows in Sacramento, Irvine Ca, Phoenix & Las Vegas. He and...

May 15, 2020

Steve Phillips started working on VWs when he was 10 years old.Steve has been a pioneer in bus suspension. in the early 80s he was driving a lowered bus. He patented the front bus adjustable beam. Was at the start of Bus Boys unti; deceptive business practices forced him to leave. He started Wolfgang International in 1993.

Apr 24, 2020

Keith Seume has Authored 12 VW Specific books including "California Look VW" now know as the Cal look Bible. plus many others. He Launched Volksworld magazine and Ultra VW. Has accomplished many first in the UK for the VW scene. Hes Also a Member of us Cal look club DKP 

Apr 17, 2020

Jason Weiler & Jared Winton being hardcore VW enthusiast and disgusted with low quality parts. Decide to create their own company with new products accessories for VWs. From fender washers to dip sticks & distributor clamps.

Heres their website