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Jan 13, 2023

The Type 4 engine known as the VW big Block. VWs 2nd gen aircooled engine. Its a touqe monster. The was always an issue with getting it into a VW.  Well Thanks to Joe Cali the average VW enthusiest can convert the pankace type 4 engine into an upright engine. He was lucky enough to score a 2.0L type 4 914 engine. Joe literly wrote the book. Back in 1993 Joe an engineer by trade decided he would make a manual for the conversion that he did. Joe has an impressive story and some great luck as a VW enthusiast. We talk about the performance of a type four and what he had to go through for the first conversion not to mention owning a VW in the Bronx. Joe's a great guy who's contributed a lot to the VW scene especially to the average backyard guy who wants to put a big block in his VW! Enjoy 

Joe Cali Video

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