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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Feb 24, 2023

Is this The ultimate overlanding bug? Thats what Jamie Wiseman set out to build. After listening to this podcast you may agree Jaime is a certified master tech for Honda after working for dealerships decided to open his own garage. Buying a bug for his wife back in 2015 spurred his interest and Air-cooled VW's. His commitment to reliability and uniqueness led him to eventually stumble across the 67 that you hear about on this podcast. From custom making his own a-arm suspension to modifying bus shifter to work the rebuilding this entire beetle purely to make it a purpose built long haul traveler that can trail with the best of them. Listen as it goes back to the drawing board for version 3.0 the new Drive train set up is a late model bus box ,IRS trailing arms, fuel injected, electronic engine management and turbo charged with a lot of engineering designed into the build. You'll agree that this is one awesome beetle that makes us all want to take 8000 mile adventures. This VW has Aor conditioning, power assit steering, diesel heater and much more. By the time your done listing to this you'll remeber Jamie Wiesman and El Burro the overlanding beetle!