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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Aug 4, 2023

Eric Meyer has been involved with Volkswagens for over 45 years. Starting with his first bus that he picked up when he was around 13 years old all through high school even into part-time jobs working on them. Loving the skateboard culture which goes hand-in-hand Volkswagens he wanted to have more of an impact in making skaters more identifiable. He gets himself a job at Vision Street Wear (more like creates himself a job). After a few years there decides to branch off on his own and start Simple shoe company. In order to do that he was sacrificed some of his Karmann Ghia's for seed money to start his new shoe company. On a wing and a prayer he shows up to the first action sports clothing event and hits a home run. This is a great story about the persistence and determination that is indicative in every VW enthusiast. As you'll find out Eric's had quite a few VW's and a lot of them that you'll remember. It's a great story and lots of cool history. 


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