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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Aug 25, 2023

Squeege's Kustoms is one of Arizona's peimere hot rod shop. They've built dozens of top notch hot rods over the years. Doug Jereger who took over for his Dad Squeege. some time ago started Just out of high School he moved to Phoenix from Ohio. Working for his dad was not easy. His Dad got him interested in VWs. He built his first VW back in Ohio. In his early years his pinnacle acheavment was getting his 1956 Bettle on the cover of Hot VWs August 1989. With All the custom work & Hot Rod details it was a show stunner. In 1989 It was ahead of its time. Doug has built a few cars that have been in the runnig for AMBR (Americas Most Beautiful Roadster)in 2011 Doug won with Daryl Wolswinkel's 33' ford. If youre looking for custom paint or a full build Squeeges can get it done. Hes got a great story. Check out his site