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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Jan 2, 2022

Bill, George & Stephen discuss this last year. What we learned from the guests and what shows we went to. Also we discuss the new engine Stephen is having built for his 67 VW Bus. He heard on the podcast about the Fi-tec EFI system from AJ sims. We see how that went. And Bill earns some merit badges. George gets combative. Some of the guest we had on this year.

Lance Armstrong, Brian Erra, Rick Meredith, Tory Alonzo, Steve Noll, Tom Slider, Scott sain, Lucas Hand, Andy Finch, Dave Gruntvig, Paul Davis, Stanly Escolano, Stacy Sizelove, Shannon Aikau, Randy Long, Dominic Lupino, Craig Turner, Michael Squier, Lind Bjornson, Duane Mayer, James Sopher & Bob Ellis.