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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Dec 30, 2022

The VW Distributor is a critical part of any VW engine. On this episode, we discuss the differences with the VW style distibutors avaiable. On the points side of things. Josh Honel is a VW enthusiest who has gotten into the VW distributor to the point where he owns a Sun distributor tester. Like most of us, we take this passion to another level. He's been rebuilding VW distributors & carburetors. He also Dyno tunes engiines. He's locates in Midlothan Texas. We discuss if your 34 pict 3 is not running right, will a vacuum advance distributor make it run better? Is a 009 the go to? How the advance works with vacuum to adjust advance for best drivablility. Maybe the vacuum advance is more important to you after you hear what we discuss. Great listen and if your looking to have your distributor rebuilt, hit him up here.