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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Jan 6, 2023

Salt Lake City in the house this week on the podcast! Eric Allred is the owner of Red E Motorsports in Salt Lake City. Eric's been a long time drag racer and has been in the VW scene in Salt Lake for 20+ years. His commitment to the hobby was so great he decided to open up his own shop a few years back. Putting it all online to see if he could make his passion work as a hobby. From Dino tuning, engine building, and general work on your VW. Eric loves the Volkswagen hobby and you can tell his attention to detail is as meticulous as his shop. From 356s to turbo kits to anything and everything he does all of this in his small shop with one other guy. On this podcast we go into a bit of a deep dive on the holly sniper EFI set up for your VW. What Eric does to make those work and some of the details behind it. We also discuss racing at the salt flats turbo cars and other fun VW stuff. Great episode enjoy… 

Check out his youtube channel.

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