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Let’s Talk Dubs

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Mar 18, 2023

Levi Weir is from  Phoenix Arizona and runs a company called Pandragger parts. Since about 14 years old he's been working on Volkswagens. Taking up a trade in welding and fabrication with a raceshop he learn the skills that his friends utilize to help them work on their VW's he eventually turns that into a business fabricating and building air suspensions as well as paint and bodywork through his business pandragger parts. There's also a car club named Pandraggers out of Arizona that they started when he and his friends were younger. On this  Podcast we discuss air suspension on Beetles. He also discuss his relationship with Randy from Randar wheels who he met fabricating racecars. He currently owns seven sets of different varieties of RNDAR wheels. He loves oval window rag tops and he like some low! take a listen to check out what Levi is up to and what is history is all about.